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5 Random Wellness Stats

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"... more than 50 percent of those surveyed stated they would remain at their current job if their employer offered a health and wellness program."

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc.

"About one-quarter of employees reported doing some work at home in 2005, for the most part without pay and in addition to normal work hours. Receiving pay for overtime worked at home, was uncommon."

2005 Workplace and Employee Survey Compendium

"[Percentage of employees] engaged employees (26% of respondents) and those who were not engaged (56%) or actively disengaged (18%)."

The Gallup Management Journal
Bryant Ott and Emily Killham
Sept 13, 2007

"The Heart and Stroke Foundation does not recommend that you drink alcohol for the purpose of reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke. For those healthy adults who drink alcohol, consumption should not exceed 2 standard drinks a day with a weekly limit of 14 drinks from men and 9 for women."

Heart and Stroke Foundation

"... health promotion programs help employees achieve lifestyle changes by increasing their awareness of health issues and outcomes and creating supportive environments in which change can occur. This approach is unlike that of traditional preventive programs, which focus on reducing accidents and protecting employees from work hazards."

Health Promotion Programs at Work: A Frivolous Cost or a Sound Investment?
Conference Board of Canada
October 2002

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