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5 Random Wellness Stats

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"On average, each full-time employee lost 9.2 days over the year for personal reasons (about 7.5 for own illness or disability, and 1.7 for personal or family demands). In total, full-time employees missed an estimated 96.5 million workdays for personal reasons in 2004."

Statistics Canada Perspectives on Labour and Income
April 2005

"Workers aged 25 years or more, and those in managerial and professional occupations were most likely to work additional unpaid hours. Unpaid hours worked at home were most common among employees in the education, health services and non-profit organizations, and information and cultural industries."

2005 Workplace and Employee Survey Compendium

"Fifteen percent of respondents ranked company human resources staff as a trusted source, right behind pamphlets and brochures (18 percent)."

American Association of Occupational Health Nurses Inc.

""[Absenteeism] forces managers to deal with problems of morale, discipline, job dissatisfaction, job stress, team spirit, productivity, turnover, production quality, additional administration, and overhead. To summarize: You don't have an absentee problem. You have a profit problem.""

Attacking Absenteeism: Positive Solutions to an Age-Old Problem
Lynn Tylczak
April 1, 1990

"It is important that employees have access to resources that address their mental health concerns. In the long run, these interventions can help save some of the annual $17 billion in lost productivity in Canada."

International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
January 2011

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