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5 Random Wellness Stats

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"The median age of the labour force surpassed 40 years for the first time, rising from 39.5 years in 2001 to 41.2 years in 2006. The median is the point where half are older and half younger."

Canada's Changing Labour Force, 2006 Census
March 4, 2008

"2002, an estimated 641,000 people (2.6% of the household population aged 15 or older) were dependent on alcohol, and 194,000 (0.8%), on illicit drugs"

Mental Health and Well-being (CCHS) cycle 1.2,
Canadian Community Health

"Whereas wellness programs can be considered a “soft encouragement” to quit smoking, U.S. employers are now charging additional premiums for smokers’ health insurance coverage and, in some cases, refusing to employ smokers at all."

Smoking and the Bottom Line: Updating the Costs of Smoking in the Workplace
Conference Board of Canada
August 2006

"Direct costs are those for which payments are made, and indirect costs are those for which resources are lost."

Cost of Illness Studies: What Is Good About Them - Injury Prevention
Dorothy P. Rice

"Physical inactivity, along with smoking, high blood pressure and high blood cholesterol are recognized risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Since physical inactivity is more prevalent than the others, it has the highest potential to reduce population cardiovascular disease."

Physical Activity For Health: The Evidence
Public Health Agency of Canada

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