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5 Random Wellness Stats

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"More men than women reported flexible working hours, but more women tended to work Saturdays or Sundays. University-educated workers had the greatest incidence of flexible hours (43.5%) and seldom had regularly scheduled weekend work hours (17.0%)."

2005 Workplace and Employee Survey Compendium

"1 in 20 Canadian adults were at risk of experiencing a problem with gambling, or were problem gamblers. More than half of all problem gamblers tried to quit in the previous year but could not, while one in five had contemplated suicide - six times the proportion of non-problem gamblers."

Upping the ante: Gambling in Canada
Statistics Canada

"Of engaged employees, 49% strongly agree that 'A strong positive relationship with this person is crucial to my success at work,' while just 12% of actively disengaged employees strongly agree with the same statement"

The Gallup Management Journal
Bryant Ott and Emily Killham
Sept 13, 2007

"The cumulative total of job separations between ages 50 and 65 averaged 3.2 for men and 2.6 for women. Since only one final separation is possible, the others must have been part of the normal labour market churn."

Stats Canada Perspectives on Labour and Income Vol. 3, no. 12
Geoff Rowe and Huan Nguyen
Dec 2002

"The Conference Board updated its 1997 study on the costs to employers who employ smokers, and it found that the total costs have increased from $2,565 per smoking employee in 1997 to $3,396 in 2006."

Smoking and the Bottom Line: Updating the Costs of Smoking in the Workplace
The Conference Board of Canada

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