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Wellergize™ - About Us

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Original Logo: Wellergize

Wellergize (a division of pixcode) was developed in response to continued requests for more than just information on workplace wellness strategies and benefits. As part of NaturalHealthcare.ca (NHC), Wellergize is able to provide a unique perspective on workplace wellness programs because of the NHC focus on:

  • illness prevention through supporting and boosting the current state of health,
  • recognizing early warning signs to get treatment as soon as possible, and
  • integrated health care - using the right method to effect the best possible outcome.

In the workplace wellness arena, we implement that strategy as "Prevention, Recognition, and Assistance", a phrase that has become popular in the sector since we originally coined it.   [We're getting used to that; we get copied often - right down to a company naming itself "Wellergise" with an "S". If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then copy & paste are the tools of our biggest fans. - Ed]

Our Team

In addition to our Development Partners, our in-house staff is the hub of our extended community, providing advice, program marketing, and administrative support to the development partners and clients.

You can also read some of our personal bios on the Blogging Team page.

Our Philosophy

As mentioned, our core focus is on Prevention, Recognition, and Assistance. Fitness, healthy eating, stress reduction, developing healthy support systems, and of course information - these are the pillars of Prevention. Where Prevention is not possible (or is too late) the second key to health is Recognizing that there is a problem - the sooner the better.

Whether the issue is emotional, mental, or physical, early Recognition is critical to effective treatment. Information and the proper tools (which could mean knowing the right questions to ask or having access to the right people) helps employees recognize any anomalies in themselves and in others. Since proper diagnosis and care often depends on removing the stigma of whatever the issue is, whether that stigma is cultural in the employees community or in the workplace culture, customization and neutrality is important.

Assistance is the final pillar. Once a problem has been identified, it is vital that the right kind of assistance - one that is both effective and accepted by the employee - is provided. Let us help you connect with the right people to to provide the assistance needed.

We also understand that the employer focus can be as different between two companies as it is between two countries. In the US, the employer bears the brunt of employee health costs, while in Canada employer concerns are often more short-term. This is why we talk so much about customization and measuring - both employee interest and attitude and results.

The Postcards

Work Stress may not always be about stress, but it still affects your organization

We're getting great feedback on the collection of postcards that showcase our line of products and services (#3 just went out, and there are 6 more in the hopper, with several more to come in the future). It's been a fun marketing campaign, and we're glad people like it. We are only printing a limited number of each postcard in a run, then we're retiring the designs and doing something new.

The current postcard features our Employee Counselling (EAP) services. With our development partner Pragmos, we have devised a unique and affordable option for Employee Assistance Programs that are flexible, co-pay, and contract-free. Call 647.723.6381 xt 4 in the GTA or 1.866.395.8904 ext 4 (Toll-free) for more information.

Want your own set of postcards? We've only been mailing them out to people we contacted and asked before hand, so even if we have your address from past orders, unless you've said you want to receive them you won't be on that list. You can get on that list though, by visiting the Contact Us page and checking "Where are my postcards?!" Be sure to put your mailing address in the More Information box.

See the Postcards (Slideshow)

To start the slideshow, click any of the titles. Click the postcard to scroll to the next one; to close it, click on the grey background area or hit "ESC".

  1. start slideshow Workplace Wellness Challenges

    With 15 different Workplace Wellness Challenges - from the usual suspects (physical activity and 5 a day) to some unusual items like the Compassion Challenge and the Creativity Challenge - we've got something to engage your employees year-round. They are administered on the EmployeeWellness.ca website.

  2. start slideshow Turn-key Wellness fairs

    Wellergize provides turn-key wellness fair services - you choose the topics and date, we arrange for the information booths, practitioners, speakers, and activities, plus do set up and clean up after. Can it be easier?

  3. start slideshow Healthy Workplace Month

    Just a quick seasonal reminder that Healthy Workplace Month is coming up quickly and some ideas of what you can put into place quickly and easily!

  4. start slideshow Questionnaires

    Only by finding out what motivates your employees can you get the maximum ROI from your wellness program. Our Pre-Program Questionnaire measures 15 different wellness factors, plus providing you with a snapshot of what is going on in your workplace from your employees' perspective.

  5. start slideshow Wellness Initiaves for Non-Office Employees

    Most North American employees do not sit behind a desk during the day. Manufacturing, retail, nursing, teaching, utility workers, and transportation are just some of the other employees who have distinct mental and physical work stresses that require different strategies.

  6. start slideshow Employee Assistance Programs

    Most 'work stress' isn't actually about the work. But employee problems with inter-personal relationships, too many demands on their time, and substance abuse still affects your bottom line.

    For businesses in Canada, we have partnered with Pragmos Consulting and the Therapy Canada Network to provide an alternative to traditional Employee Assistance Programs. Developed with a "pay for play" model, the Graduated Co-Pays System allows the employee to slowly take ownership of the relationship with the therapist, and presents no prohibition to that employee working with a the therapist of his or her choice once the paid number of sessions has been reached.

  7. On site therapists and nurses

  8. Workshops & Speakers

  9. Posters and Collateral

Call us for more information: In Toronto and Area call 647.470.9087.
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