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Culture of health emerging

Survey explores workplace wellness programs across the globe.
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According to Buck Consultants' Working Well: A Global Survey of Health Promotion and Workplace Wellness Strategies more employers are focusing on wellness programs. Healthy employees has become their top business objective.

The poll was of more than 1,100 organizations across 45 countries. In Canada priority issues for Canadian employers are mental health issues like stress, work/life balance, and depression. However, when these employers were polled almost less than half of them offer wellness programs that target employee stress like caregiver support, person health/lifestyle coaching, and work/life balance support.

Most wellness programs deal with physical health.

The increased response to bettering wellness programs is coming from the recognition that healthier employees are financial more valuable and that it will also increase engagement levels as health risks decrease.

"The survey has identified what refers to as an emerging "culture of health"; defined as an organizational climate that promotes healthy lifestyle choices."

Approximately 54% of Canadian respondents said they have a strong or fairly strong "culture of health" in the workplace. On the other hand, workplaces that were pursuing a "culture of health" numbered around 40%.

In North America 77% of companies said they have implemented a successful wellness strategy. In comparison 12% of Canadian employers have a wellness strategy that is in the starting stage but they are aiming for a culture of health in their organization.

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