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This is our little spot for collecting new and interesting items of note in the areas of workplace wellness, including health and safety, employee engagement, and workplace interaction (conflict management, team-building, etc.). We'll also be tracking business issues that impact on employee morale and their general mental health and well-being.

Please note: We have begun to compile the current HR & wellness-related event listings on a separate Events page.

Recent Posts:

Cell phone notifications may be driving you to distraction

Just receiving a notification on your cell phone can cause enough of a distraction to impair your ability to focus on a given task, a new study has found

Self-training to help the jobless from returning to the benefits system

Unemployed people who have spent long periods on benefit become passive, and surrender responsibility for their situation to others -- research is now being carried out to develop a system to help them obtain a sense of empowerment

Recommended levels of activity rarely achieved in busy workplace environment

Health promotion policies not sufficiently applied within the workplace to achieve recommended levels of activity

Nurses cut stress 40% with relaxation steps at work

Simple on-the-job relaxation techniques cut stress levels by 40% for staff members in a surgical intensive care unit and lowered the risk of burnout

Having children does not lead to more sickness absence

Study finds that women with children are not more absent from work, do not receive more social insurance benefits and do not have higher mortality rates than most other employees

Work site wellness centers equate to weight loss and health care savings, Mayo expert says

Study participants who regularly took part in workplace wellness activities, experienced significant weight loss and health care costs savings

Self-affirmations may calm jitters and boost performance, research finds

When participants were in a position of high power they tended to perform better under pressure than in low-power positions, and self-affirmations effectively reduced the power differences between

Study shows association between migraine and carpal tunnel syndrome, reports PRS Global Open

Link between migraine and carpal tunnel syndrome may inform debate over nerve decompression surgery for migraine

Delayed retirement could increase inequalities among seniors

Raising age of retirement to 67 runs the risk of generating greater inequalities between those who will be in retirement in the future

World Trade Center workers at increased risk of developing autoimmune diseases

Risk of developing an autoimmune disease over the next decade increased by about 13% for each month worked at the WTC site

New work schedule could cure your social jetlag

Sleep and general wellbeing could be improved if work schedules took circadian rhythms into account

Basic personality changes linked to unemployment, study finds

Long-term unemployment alters conscientiousness, agreeableness, and openness: Changes may add to challenge of finding new jobs

Treadmill desks offer limited benefits, pose challenges in the workplace, study shows

Increase in physical activity from using a treadmill desk was small and did not help workers meet public health guidelines for daily exercise

New reset button discovered for circadian clock

Stimulating and suppressing neurons in the suprachiasmatic nucleus in a fashion that emulates their day and night activity levels can force the circadian clock to reset

For leaders, looking intelligent is less important than looking healthy

Choosing a leader: Participants chose more healthy-looking faces over less healthy-looking faces in 69% of trials, but more intelligent faces only for two challenges

Missing ingredient in energy-efficient buildings: People

Occupants who had effective training in using the features of their high-performance buildings were more satisfied with their work environments

Office jerks beware: your good ideas may not always be welcomed by colleagues

Office jerks beware: your good ideas may not always be welcomed by colleagues

From architect to social worker: Complex jobs may protect memory and thinking later on

More stimulating work environments may help people retain their thinking skills, and that this might be observed years after they have retired

It pays to have an eye for emotions

Researchers from the University of Bonn found that people who are good at recognizing the emotions of others earn more money in their jobs

Stressful duties linked with increased risk of sudden cardiac death among police officers

Physical restraints and altercations associated with greatest risk of sudden cardiac death among police officers

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