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Wellergize Your Workforce Workshops & Lunch and Learn Topics

Please note: This list a random sample of 5 of the over 60 topics we provide speakers for, for lunch and learns and workshops. It is updated constantly as new speakers and topics are added. A few topics are proprietary and descriptions available only on request.

To receive a comprehensive list of topics, descriptions, and/or biographies, please contact us.

Learn about the ancient healing art that naturally stimulates every muscle, organ, and gland of the body without drugs.
Primary Speaker: Novelette Burke

Building a Basic Work Wardrobe
Understanding coordination, body type, and your unique qualities to select clothing that helps you achieve your personal best look.
Primary Speaker: Marilyn Wetston

Yoga for Round Bodies
Yoga for people who have larger bodies.
Primary Speaker: Helen Goldstein

Stress and Eustress
Not all stress is bad. Learn how to identify the signs of negative stressors and manage the effects.
Primary Speaker: Cecile Peterkin

It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint
Increasing ones' energy levels and decreasing stress are the first two steps essential in becoming a healthier person. Learn to incorporate regular exercise routines and healthful eating into your busy schedule.
Primary Speaker: Rohan Francis

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Other topics include:

  • Energy Management
  • Ergonomics
  • Healthy Eating
  • Eating for Performance
  • Quick and Healthy Meals
  • Eating Disorders
  • Beating Afternoon Grogginess
  • Carbohydrates & Fats: Good and Bad
  • Brown Bag Health
  • Nutrition and Cancer Prevention
  • Breakfast On The Go
  • The Manager's Burden
  • Mind/ Body /Spirit Approach to Health
  • Motivation for Health
  • Motivation at the Workplace
  • Simple Relaxation Techniques
  • Reducing Repetitive Stress Injuries
  • The Balancing Act: Work and Family
  • Violence And Harassment
  • Wellness Myths
  • Working Alone
  • Contact us for a full listing of topics, detailed descriptions of sessions, and/or speaker biographies. In Toronto and Area call 647.470.9087.

    Call us for more information: In Toronto and Area call 647.470.9087.
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