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Development Partner: Employee Energizer

What's your #1 business asset?
Your Employees!

Healthy Happy Employees positively affect the success of your business. How can you protect and enhance your greatest ally for financial and corporate goal implementation?

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Physical well-being directly affects work performance. Even minor physical discomfort has been scientifically shown to reduce workplace productivity and quality performance by a factor of hours per day.

We all need and enjoy a 'Pat on the Back'. Why not give your employees a whole BACK RUB!

A Return on Your Investment

Massage combats 'work stress' affecting employee performance. It improves mobility, calms the nervous system, elevates energy levels, and more. And you get a sound return on your business investment. Massage is an attractive staff benefit, improves productivity, and boosts company morale. (See our website for details!)

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Studies on workplace wellness state: Every $1 spent on overall Employee Health and Wellbeing returns $2 -$3 in Employee Productivity.

Massage At Your Business Event

On-site at workplace-based events or at off-site events, the powerful words 'FREE MASSAGE' draws crowds. Our mobile fully insured ($1ml-$2ml medical liability) and professionally certified/registered staff will attend your key clients, sponsors and employees.

Contacting Us

Visit our website for more information or, call us now!
Toll Free: 1-888-735-9438 or in the GTA: 416-633-0977
or tammy@employeeenergizer.com

It's just good Business.

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