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Arthritis: Natural Remedies
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

The ultimate quick reference source for Natural Arthritis Remedies!
A companion to Arthritis: the key aspects of this disease are placed in an effective context with various treatment options. This Guide provides a systematic overview of the most common types of Arthritis, including: osteoarthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; gout. Treatments methods such as massage, physical therapy, and surgery are each outlined.

  • Arthritis – a primer
  • Specific natural Osteoarthritis treatments
  • Massage, physical therapy, and non-invasive treatments
  • Special terms and definitions
  • Anatomical diagrams

A-738-2 Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases

Breast Self-Examination
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

An essential Breast Self-examination quick reference to early detection of breast cancer!
Breast Self-examination is now recognized as an important component of women’s health. This useful Guide assists in understanding the best techniques to perform breast self-examination with the aid of clear diagrams and easy to follow steps to ensure that these examinations are preformed in the best possible fashion.

  • Breast Self – Examination – the basic principles
  • Breast structure
  • What to look for?
  • Important examination techniques
  • Examination schedules
  • Charts and diagrams

A-796-X Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases

Breast Self-Examination
Pocket - $4.95 CDN

Learn how to examine your breasts on a regular basis: know what to look for, review the methods you can use, and find out what else you can do to look after your body.

A-443-X Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases

2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

The ultimate reference source to understand Cholesterol and its role in the function of the human body.
This Guide provides a systematic overview of the key elements of Cholesterol function in the body; the relationship between Cholesterol and the healthy production and formation of numerous components of the human body, such as hormones and nerve fibre and sheaths, are outlined. The crucial relationship between cholesterol and diet, and effective low cholesterol recipes are also included.

  • Cholesterol – definition and function
  • Role of cholesterol in human performance
  • Nervous system
  • Diet
  • High cholesterol dangers
  • Treatments
  • Great low cholesterol food recipes!

A-605-X Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases

2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

The ultimate Diabetes quick reference source!
This Guide provides a systematic overview of the key elements of Diabetes, a disease that has acquired greater prominence in the early 21st century due to its relationship to sedentary lifestyles and nutrition choices. Types of diabetes, including Type I and Type II, are clearly explained, as are effective nutrition, diabetes testing, and the importance of exercise.

  • Diabetes – overview and principles
  • Type I Diabetes
  • Type II Diabetes
  • Nutrition and Diabetes
  • Related illnesses
  • Testing and Treatments
  • Anatomical diagrams

A-611-4 Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases

2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Understanding the most common cause of human discomfort: the headache!
This Guide provides a systematic overview of the Headache phenomenon. Types of headaches, including the common occurrences that may trigger a headache, tension headaches, migraines and sinus headaches, are all described. The importance of headaches as a potential indicator of a more serious condition is also explained.

  • The headache phenomenon
  • What causes headaches?
  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sinus headaches
  • Treatments

B-170-5 Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases

Heart Disease & Stroke
1-Panel - $5.95 CDN

A systematic overview of the key elements of heart disease and stroke: diseases that have acquired greater prominence to their relationship to sedentary lifestyles, smoking, and nutrition choices. Coronary artery function, arteriosclerosis, and the causes of stroke are each effectively described through the use of colour diagrams.

  • Heart Disease – a definition
  • Stroke – causes and its relationship to Heart Disease
  • Diet
  • High cholesterol and heart disease
  • Prevention and Treatments
  • Great color diagrams!

A-719-6 Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases

1-Panel - $5.95 CDN

This Guide is the ultimate reference in the study and understanding of Osteoporosis. This well organized Guide provides an invaluable resource to anyone who wishes to better understand the causes, effects and treatment options available to counter the effects of Osteoporosis, the condition that results from the reduction of bone mass. Important concepts such as the hormonal regulation of calcium are described with the aid of colour diagrams.

  • What is Osteoporosis?
  • Relationship between Osteoporosis and other bone diseases
  • Causes
  • Common symptoms
  • Effect of reduced bone mass
  • Treatment options
  • Full color diagrams

A-476-6 Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases

Tai Chi
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

2 panels, 4 pages - explaining the benefits of Tai chi and the basic forms.

A-939-3 Health & Wellness, Ailments/Diseases


Communications SkillsCustomer ServiceBusimess Skills
Health MattersSafetyFitness/DietSee all

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