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2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Art? Skill? Science? Unlock your hidden creative powers with this useful Guide! This Guide is a great aid to anyone seeking to develop their innate creative powers. A creative 'to do' list is one of the tools described in the Guide. A series of innovative skill builder exercises are developed that can be resorted to at any time by a reader to reinforce their creative processes.

  • Creativity unique to every person
  • Where is creativity important?
  • What makes a person creative?
  • Creativity skill builder exercises developed by experts
  • Use it or lose it!

A-500-2 Professional Development, Business Skills

Effective Business Writing
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Write like a Pro!
Build great Business Writing skills with one quick reference Guide. Provides details on business of writing, basic steps of effective writing, hooking the reader, pulling your ideas together, keeping it brief, knowing the reader, getting to the point, using active writing, salutations, and the business letter.

  • Helpful research hints
  • How to select the right business writing style
  • Reports
  • Proposals
  • Summaries
  • Memoranda
  • Business letters

A-524-X Professional Development, Business Skills

Managing a Project Team
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

The right project team strategies will help you lead a project from start to finish.
The Guide provides comprehensive support to anyone who seeks to organize and direct a project from start to finish. Project management as distinct form everyday department management is emphasized. Planning skills are especially emphasized in the context of the project life cycle of Plan / Do / Evaluate. Communication strategies and the crucial project stages are mapped out in the Guide that are applicable to projects large and small.

  • Project teams and project management defined
  • General principles
  • Planning
  • Doing
  • Evaluating

A-523-1 Professional Development, Business Skills

2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Mentors are an influence that lasts a lifetime.
Here is how to be a great one! A mentor provides a significant, life long impact upon the life of another person. This Guide provides the reader with the essentials of a great mentoring relationship, where the mentor provides ongoing support to another person to assist in the discovery of the true extent of that person's talents. This Guide emphasizes mentoring in a business environment, with principles that are broadly applicable.

  • What is a mentor
  • Mentor versus coach
  • Mentor relationships and how to build them
  • The ongoing role
  • Mentors in business

A-522-3 Professional Development, Business Skills

2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Business leadership is often built upon the ability to motivate a team.
The ability to motivate others is a vital skill in any business or management setting. This Guide provides effective motivational strategies for those who seek self-motivation as well as those who strive to provide a positive spark for those around them. The Guide also sets out some useful tips to secure feedback from your motivational efforts.

  • Motivation and leadership
  • Motivation in business
  • Self-motivation
  • Great motivational strategies
  • How to get constructive feedback

A-525-8 Professional Development, Business Skills

Negotiation Skills
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Good negotiations – the heart of all business and personal relationships.
This Guide is aimed at the business world, but it contains helpful tips and strategies that have a universal appeal. Strong negotiation skills are at the heart of any successful contractual relationship, as this Guide takes the reader through the important types of negotiators commonly encountered in business. Listening skills are also given priority, as the Guide outlines how a negotiation will result in a successful conclusion for a skilled and informed party.

  • Negotiation basics
  • Contract negotiations
  • Other types of negotiations
  • Next steps and following through
  • Listening skills
  • Building bridges, not barriers

A-730-7 Professional Development, Business Skills

Presentation Skills
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

A great presentation doesn't just happen.
This Guide addresses the fundamental problems that are commonly encountered by anyone making a presentation to a group in any setting. The Guide describes presentations by contrasting the symptoms of poor presentations with the readily available cures. Important information is provided as to how a presenter must use time effectively to achieve the best possible results.

  • Presentations – where do they happen?
  • Preparation – know your audience!
  • Structure
  • Humour
  • Time management
  • The killer conclusion

A-526-6 Professional Development, Business Skills

Problem Solving
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Problem solving is a cornerstone of all business and personal success.
This Guide provides a great way of looking at problems as opportunities through effective problem solving strategies. Facing situations head on, as opposed to burying or ignoring problems, is a key strategy outlined in the Guide.

  • What is a problem?
  • The problem as an opportunity
  • Expertly formulated problem solving strategies
  • The problem and the solution

A-506-1 Professional Development, Business Skills

Project Management
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

These portable Project Management tips will assist in all projects great and small.
The Guide provides comprehensive support to anyone who seeks to organize and direct a project from start to finish. Planning skills are especially emphasized in the context of the project life cycle of Plan / Do / Evaluate. Helpful information concerning the key planning stages are mapped out in the Guide that are applicable to projects large and small.

  • Project management defined
  • General principles
  • Planning
  • Doing
  • Evaluating

A-507-X Professional Development, Business Skills

Public Speaking
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Conquer the fear and anxiety of a public speaking assignment with the strategies contained in this effective Guide!
Public speaking skills are ones that may be applied to many educational, business, and volunteer settings. This Guide helps any public speaker to better organize and plan their presentation. Stress and public speaking are common allies; this Guide will aid any prospective speaker in overcoming their speaking jitters with tested strategies to deliver their best speech.

  • Public speaking basic concepts
  • How to research your topic
  • How to organize your material
  • Practice makes perfect!
  • Tips to make the presentation fun

A-723-4 Professional Development, Business Skills

Stress Management
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Reduce stress and gain control of your agenda with these great tips!
Stress has been increasingly identified in recent years as the key debilitating influence in effective work performance. This Guide provides both insight into what causes or contributes to stress, and a remarkable range of focused strategies and 'stress busters' to combat the effects of stress at work and in the home.

  • What is stress?
  • Typical stress points
  • Stress and performance
  • 'Stress busting' strategies for work and home
  • Healthy stress

A-577-0 Professional Development, Business Skills

Time Management
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Time management is at the heart of business efficiency and personal satisfaction. This Guide is an effective resource for anyone who seeks to get the most out the time that they have available for any project or activity. The Guide provides contrasts between time saving and time takers that face everyone. Four 'Time for Action' tips are set out to assist in taking charge of the time available to anyone, to make life easier and more productive.

  • There's never enough time! is there?
  • Time saving
  • Time takers
  • Time in action tips
  • Following through and guarding time

A-501-0 Professional Development, Business Skills

Jump Start Your Brain
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Improve IQ, memory, focus, and concentration through the numerous useful tips contained in this Guide.
From healthy nutrition tips that improve body and brain function, such as how to select foods that contain the vitamin and minerals that boost brain function, to memorization and relaxation techniques, anyone can equip themselves to improve their brain power.
The laminated Guide also has space for short term and long term goals of all kinds for easy reference.

B-165-9 Health & Wellness, Business Skills


Communications SkillsCustomer ServiceBusimess Skills
Health MattersSafetyFitness/DietSee all

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