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Conflict Resolution
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Conflict is a part of life.
This Guide is a blueprint to reduce conflict at work and in personal relationships. Conflicts arise in every business, personal, and social setting it is the severity of the conflict and the approaches adopted for its resolution that dictate how importance the conflict. This Guide provides excellent strategies to be considered in any conflict situation, including a comparison between conflict styles and the specific approaches to achieve a conflict resolution.

  • Conflict defined styles
  • Personal conflicts
  • Social conflicts
  • Business conflicts
  • Expert strategies
  • Resolution and results

A-508-8 Professional Development, Communication

Effective Communication
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Communication is as essential as breathing. Do it well with this great Guide. This Guide provides effective assistance to anyone who seeks to improve the most fundamental of human skills communication. Helpful charts and summaries outline a variety of tips to achieve effective communication in business and personal settings.

  • Communication basics
  • Business communications
  • Personal communications
  • Expertly prepared charts and summaries
  • Tips to improve communication skills

A-499-5 Professional Development, Communication

Effective Listening
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

A good listener is a good communicator.
This Guide tells you how effective listening makes everyone effective. Good listening is essential to effective communication. This Guide draws the fundamental distinction between hearing and listening, with strategies to reinforce how to be a good listener at all times in any conversation.

  • 'I hear you' are you truly listening?
  • Listening versus hearing
  • Listening strategies
  • How listening builds communication
  • Communication as a 2 way street

A-505-3 Professional Development, Communication

Interviewing Skills
3-Panel - $8.95 CDN

Conduct a great interview painlessly. Whether in management or for the pursuit of information, effective interview skills will provide the user with the tools to obtain the desired answers to any questions. This Guide provides a focal for the prospective interviewer, with its emphasis upon the building of a preparation checklist, making a great first impression, and the developing the right questions to achieve interview success.

  • The purpose of the interview
  • Plan questions that fit the purpose
  • Preparation checklist
  • The first impression
  • Controlling the interview
  • Wrap up and conclusion

A-519-3 Professional Development, Communication

Meeting Management
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Make every meeting a productive use of your valuable time! In an era where effective time management has become the most important aspect of business organization, an effective meeting must be organized and time sensitive.

This focused Guide breaks down the meeting process into its constituent parts, to provide the reader with a comprehensive understanding of how each meeting component must be managed to create a useful end result. The roles of meeting facilitator, recorder, time keeper and participants are each clearly explained.

  • Meetings and planning basic principles
  • Types of meetings
  • Parts of a meeting
  • Facilitator
  • Recorder
  • Time keeper
  • Rules for participants
  • How to move forward
  • A-498-7 Professional Development, Communication


Communications SkillsCustomer ServiceBusimess Skills
Health MattersSafetyFitness/DietSee all

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