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Workplace Wellness Posters and Permacharts


Communications SkillsCustomer ServiceBusimess Skills
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Customer Service
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Customer service leads to customer satisfaction through the tips in this Guide.
This Guide assists in taking a customer in any business beyond simply meeting their expectations. Systems to ensure ongoing quality customer service are explained. Face to face customer meetings and telephone / Internet / email contacts are also discussed.

  • The customer
  • What is true customer service?
  • Customers face to face
  • The Internet or email customer
  • The telephone customer
  • The satisfied customer

A-504-5 Professional Development, Customer Service

Dealing With Difficult Customers
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

This Guide takes the difficult customer from problem to solution in easy steps.
Everyone in business will deal with a difficult customer at some time in their career. This supportive Guide provides both the business person with the insights and the strategies to convert a difficult customer relationship into a positive result through careful attention to the actual nature of the customerís concerns. This Guide assists in furthering a proactive resolution wherever circumstances permit.

  • The difficult customer
  • Types and stereotypes
  • Identifying the problem
  • Listening skills
  • Negotiations
  • The solution with a smile

A-520-7 Professional Development, Customer Service

Telephone Etiquette
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Make the telephone your friend with these simple but profoundly important telephone tools!
"Smiling through the telephone" is the essential concept of this focused and helpful Guide. A series of telephone tips are accompanied by a series of alternative expressions that assist anyone in making their telephone conversations a better and more meaningful communications medium.

  • The telephone conversation
  • Great telephone introductions
  • Smile through the telephone
  • Polite conclusions

A-502-9 Professional Development, Customer Service


Communications SkillsCustomer ServiceBusimess Skills
Health MattersSafetyFitness/DietSee all

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