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Workplace Wellness Posters and Permacharts


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Back Health at Work
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Everyone wants to avoid back pain in the workplace.
This Guide directs meaningful attention to low back pain, the leading cause of disability for persons under the age of 45. With ever increasing attention paid to posture and ergonomics, this Guide provides the reader with an excellent summary of the risks to back health present in every office environment. The strategies to reduce back injury and back pain are also outlined.

  • The low back structure
  • Common causes of back pain
  • Office back pain risks and how to avoid them!
  • The right office chair
  • Easy office exercises

A-503-7 Health & Wellness, Fitness/Diet

Diet Comparison
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

Everyone has a so-called miracle diet. Make the best choice for you with our no nonsense Guide.

This Guide provides straightforward and practical information concerning the various commercial diet products and programs available in North America. The health problems associated with various types of fad diets are explained. The Guide also outlines the relationship between diet and various therapeutic programs.

  • What is a diet?
  • Fads, facts, and fiction
  • Fad diets and health
  • Balance
  • Nutrition
  • Eating healthy eating well!

A-781-1 Health & Wellness, Fitness/Diet

2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

The ultimate reference source to understand the importance of Nutrition in the optimal function of the human body!
This helpful Guide provides a useful overview of Nutrition, the science of the food that the body requires for its maintenance, growth, and repair during all stages of its life. Elements of nutrition, such as the food pyramid, carbohydrates, lipids / fats, and proteins are each described, as are vitamins and minerals and the principles of digestion.

  • Nutrition – basic principles
  • The role of Nutrition in human health
  • The food pyramid
  • Carbohydrates
  • Lipids / fats
  • Proteins
  • Digestion and absorption
  • Anatomical diagrams

A-722-6 Health & Wellness, Fitness/Diet

Vitamins & Minerals
2-Panel - $7.95 CDN

The ultimate reference source to understanding the role played by Vitamins and Minerals in the human body!
This Guide provides a systematic overview of the important relationships between vitamin and mineral intake and the optimum performance of the human body. The types of vitamins and minerals necessary to ensure the proper performance of various bodily systems are clearly described. The health benefits of all important vitamins and minerals are outlined in a glossary format.

  • Vitamins - definition
  • Minerals - definition
  • The role of vitamins and minerals in human performance
  • Vitamins, Minerals and Diet
  • Supplements
  • Treatments for vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Diagrams and charts

A-717-X Health & Wellness, Fitness/Diet


Communications SkillsCustomer ServiceBusimess Skills
Health MattersSafetyFitness/DietSee all

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