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Workplace Wellness Program Support for Small Business: from Wellergize
Packages for businesses with 1 - 50 employees

Put the fun back in running your business

We understand small business.

Most entrepreneurs start their businesses because they love what they create - whether that's a product, a service, or an environment.

But there are many aspects to small business ownership that take us away from what we love - and what we do best. And that's where we come in.

Workplace wellness is what we do. Wellness fairs, wellness challenges, wellness posters, handbooks, questionnaires, tracking, reporting, consulting - that's Wellergize.

Imagine having a virtual Wellness Coordinator, someone who makes sure your staff has the tools they need to have the workplace wellness program experience that they would in a large company - and it only costs you $20 a month per employee instead of a full-time HR salary.

What do you get?

  1. Every month your employees automatically receive a health and wellness package, with seasonal information about a timely health topic (osteoporosis, flu season, the importance of laughter, and more).
  2. Your program kicks off with a special package for each employee, containing a copy of Healthy at Work - the pocket guide to health and wellness for employees. (You can read more at the link here, and even read a preview!)
  3. In that same inaugural package, your employees have the opportunity to take a special version of our in-depth Pre-Program Wellness Questionnaire to build a personalized wellness profile.
  4. Each participating employee also receives a username and password to access to our EmployeeWellness.ca Wellness Challenge administration tool - or they can opt to use the dry-erase challenge scorecards instead.
  5. Two-Tip Tuesdays: Participants receive two weekly health and wellness tips delivered to the email address of their choice.
  6. EmployeeCounselling.ca bankable hours: For each participating employee you have a choice of banking valuable counselling time against HR advice or Employee Assistance Programming, with the experts at EmployeeCounselling.ca (1/2 hour per participant each 6 months participated).

Retain your top employees - level the playing field with the big guys. At this price you can afford to extend these benefits to family members too!

To find out more about this incredible deal, call us. 647.723.6381 xt 4 (in the GTA) or toll-free 1.866.395.8904 xt 4, or use our Contact Form to send a Request for Information.

Call us for more information:
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