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What is Workplace Wellness?

Wellness is that quality that gives us the sense that everything is under control, which in turn allows us to focus fully on what we are doing without distraction from negative stress, disease, or conflict. Wellness is a form of homeostasis - the process that maintains our internal equilibrium.

Workplace wellness is an on-going and holistic undertaking, requiring you to consider all aspects of an individual: their attitudes and home life, as well as what happens during work hours.

A comprehensive workplace wellness program ideally consists of three components: Prevention, Recognition, and Assistance. This can be implemented as various modules:

  • healthy eating,
  • fitness programs,
  • smoking cessation,
  • workplace safety,
  • ergononic workspaces,
  • first aid and C.P.R.,
  • coaching and counselling,
  • lunch and learns,
  • on-site healthcare,

and so on.

No matter what size your business, Wellergize has options for you. Our Virtual Wellness Coordinator program for small business brings an easy-to-implement package to your door for only $20/month per participant. You can also use an à la carte-approach to our individual wellness program components in the Products and Services section.

What is Wellergize?

Wellergize is a strategic alliance of companies that have come together to extend the wellness offerings of each of the individual component companies. Read on...

Call us for more information: In Toronto and Area call 647.470.9087.
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