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Why are Workplace Wellness Programs Important?
Cartoon/Comics on the Business Case for Wellness and Health Promotion

This page has some fundamental statistics in an easy to grasp format. There is also a page with straight statistics and studies available here.

It's simple. In an office with 100 people ...

Sitting all day causes all kinds of ailments - physical and emotional

... 59 spend their entire workday seated;
...49 are classified as "Physically inactive" even in their leisure time;
...30 more have "limited" participation and activity.

Being Under Constant Pressure Grinds a Person Down

... 66 report high job stress;
... 32 do not feel supported in their work efforts by coworkers;
... 15 are experiencing actual conflict with coworkers.

Smoking increases employers' costs

... 21 are currently "daily or regular" smokers;
... 9 are exposed to second hand smoke at home

Obesity shortens lives

... 36 are overweight;
... 23 are obese;
...5 have diabetes;
...5 more have either prediabetes or undiagnosed diabetes

Depression and Mental Health Issues affect more than just the person suffering

... 4 have experienced a bout of depression in the past year;
... 8 more have previously had an occurrence of depression (prior to the past year)

Substance abuse issues cannot simply be ignored

... 2 are heavy drinkers (2 or more drinks each day);
...21 are binge drinkers (5 or more drinks in a session, at least 12 times a year);
...14 have used marijuana in the past year; and another
...one is addicted to either prescription or illegal drugs

Making a business case for wellness?
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