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Workplace Wellness/Health Promotion Glossary

Mobbing (workplace mobbing)
Photo: Mobbing Mobbing is a form of harassment or bullying, typically by a clique against an individual. It can take the form of openly targeting a particular person as an outcast or, more subtly, pointedly ignoring that person for a prolonged period, making complaining about the behaviour next to impossible.

In the workplace, mobbing creates a toxic environment for all involved and can lead to a finding of constructive dismissal if management is aware of the activity. For it to be "successful", management has to either be inattentive or subtly encouraging of an unhealthy work environment.

One of the mental health outcomes for victims of mobbing is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Mobbing is a technique often used against high achievers in a work environment, but it can also be deployed against the quiet or self-conscious. Mobbing is sometimes unconsciously initiated by jealous coworkers who simply choose to avoid an individual, but as time wears on it can be devastating to the recipient.

The insidious nature of mobbing makes it difficult to bring the behaviour to the attention of HR and/or management for fear of being branded a complainer or "cry-baby" as the actions often boil down to "being left out" of activities.

Mobbing is also a favourite technique of disturbed individuals in the workplace as they use it to form an alliance or clique around themselves by casting another in the role of office pariah. Fear of becoming that pariah often keeps those who are in the clique in line.

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