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Workplace Wellness/Health Promotion Glossary

Workplace Bullying
Photo: Workplace Bullying Workplace bullying costs employers by reducing productivity, increasing absenteeism, and increased EAP usage. The US-based Workplace Bullying Institute defines the term as:
repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators [see slso: mobbing] that takes one or more of the following forms:
  • verbal abuse
  • threatening, humiliating or offensive behavior/actions
  • work interference -- sabotage -- which prevents work from getting done.
  • Workplace bullying is often a precursor to workplace violence.
    Workplace bullying describes a range of hostile activities that span mental and physical abuse. It runs the gamut from intimidation to violence; it can be deliberate or unconscious; and it can be instigated as punishment or to give the the bully an undue advantage in the workplace.

    Workplace bullying can be systematic (e.g. continually undercutting the ability to perform job duties properly), loosely organized (e.g. mobbing), or seemingly random (e.g. yelling, insulting, belittling).

    The abuser can be a group or a single individual, and the abuse can originate at the peer level (often spawned by jealousy or insecurity), above or below in the organizational hierarchy -- and it can also originate with the client.

    Often, an abuser will not classify what he or she is doing as "abuse" as they have no clear understanding of the effect of sustained abusive behaviour on the psyche. Worse still, in toxic workplaces it is often part of the ingrained culture of an organization and even tacitly encouraged by management.

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