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Workplace Wellness/Health Promotion Glossary

Internal Responsibility System (IRS)
The Internal Responsibility System consists of the legal obligations of employers, employees, and supervisors working together to ensure safety. Anyone who sees a dangerous situation or condition has a specific role in preventing negative outcomes: The employees and supervisors have an obligation to report it to management; management and owners have an obligation to analyze and remedy the situation/condition.
Following the Ham recommendations, joint health and safety committees are now required in all Canadian workplaces with over 20 employees.This is regarded as a central component of the internal responsibility system upon which the occupational health and safety regime is built (Keith, 1997). In general, the legislated duties of the joint health and safety committees are as follows:

to make recommendations for the establishment and enforcement of health and safety policies and practice
to participate in hazard identification and control
to obtain the necessary information from the employer about workplace dangers
to advise on the worker education programs in occupational health and safety
to receive, and when necessary, investigate worker complaints
to maintain the necessary records and regularly review statistics
to participate in workplace inspection
to assist in accident and incident investigations
to ensure an updated first aid program is available.

In the Canadian province of British Columbia, the joint health and safety committee is empowered to facilitate return-to-work strategies and to assist in physical demands analyses.

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