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Workplace Wellness/Health Promotion Glossary

Organizational Citizenship Behaviours (OCBs)
OCBs are (positive) work-related actions and interactions that are the result of personal choice - in other words, actions that go above ad beyond the call of duty. They are performed purely on the initiative of the individual (employee, manager, director) as opposed to being specified or dictated by peers or higher-ups.

Rewards for these behaviours are not formally (or even informally) laid out in the organization's policy, nor is there a punishment when they are not performed - though these behaviours are often reinforced by the behaviour of others. Organizations generally strive to increase the number of OCBs.
Organizational Citizenship Behaviours are beneficial to the organization's productivity, and increase the organizational effectiveness. They are generally classified as being motivated by goodwill (altruism), courtesy, obedience, participation, civic virtue, conscientiousness, sportsmanship, loyalty, and conformity (compliance).

OCBs are studied from two specific angles: the political aspect and the functional aspect. The political aspects include obedience, loyalty, and participation.

The total amount of OCBs performed in a given company or association increase when employees feel part of the decision-making process, when employees have higher levels of job satisfaction, and when they feel that they company is committed to their interests.

Examples may include:
* helping other employees with their projects after hours;
* volunteering suggestions to improve the efficiency of the organization; and
* extending courtesy to customers that goes beyond company policy.

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