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Workplace Wellness/Health Promotion Glossary

Presenteeism - being physically present but unable to perform at peak levels as a result of physical or mental illness, or because of distraction caused by a wide range of factors including dissatisfaction, external pressures, and interpersonal conflict.

Presenteeism is often a hidden cost. Also see: absenteeism
From Wikipedia:
Presenteeism is widely thought to be caused by a fear of loss of income or employment on the part of the employee. Critics of employers' groups, which include trade unions, allege that presenteeism has developed as a result of a gradual relaxation of employment protection laws and reductions in benefits, most notably sickness benefits.
Employees who come in to the workplace despite illness can pass the sickness along to others, costing far more in the long run. A Decima Research study conducted in fall 2006 found that employees erroneously believe their employers want them to come in anyway. One Cornell University study showed that each sick employee who comes to work ends up costing $255 per year, without considering the transmission of illness.

Coming in sick also prolongs illness, so the number of days at diminished capacity (lost productivity) rises.

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