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Workplace Wellness Program Books

This page lists the range of workplace-related books that we carry. They are ideal for giving to personnel as part of a wellness program and as gifts or for adding to the office library.

Healthy At Work: Your Pocket Guide to Health
Charles Bens, Ph.D.

Cover: Healthy at Work

Healthy At Work: Your Pocket Guide to Health is a perfect anchor to any workplace wellness program. This pocket-sized guide weighs in at 204 pages full of critical information for anyone who wants to live a healthier life. Sections include:

  • Health and Wellness in the Workplace
  • The Importance of Nutrition
  • The Importance of Exercise
  • Stress reduction as a Key Factor in Good Health
  • Alternative and Complementary Care: Descriptions of the most popular types
  • Detoxify Your Life
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  • The Importance of Tests
  • And more. Consider making this investment for each and every employee - the information contained in this book will last a lifetime.

    List price: $9.95. Volume discounts available.

    The Healthy Smoker: How to Quit Smoking by Becoming Healthier First
    Charles Bens, Ph.D.

    Cover: The Healthy Smoker

    Enumerable studies suggest that quitting a habit cold turkey is extremely difficult and the chance for relapse is significant. With The Healthy Smoker approach, the detoxifcation, healthy diet, slow introduction of exercise, alternative therapies, and Internet forum support, the opportunity for success multiplies.

    The smoker is not asked, or expected to quit until their body no longer needs the nicotine, the mind no longer wants to smoke, and their new found attitude toward their life is one of health progression.

    This unique approach of becoming healthier before quitting makes this book and program the most complete available!

    Perfect for your workplace wellness library or to make available to employees as they express a desire to quit smoking.

    List price: $14.95. Volume discounts available.

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