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Workplace Wellness Challenges

We've added new Challenges to our list of offerings to cover a broader range of wellness and employee engagement topics.

Not only is the interactive system more engaging and immediately gratifying, participants can choose to see where they are against other participants (aggregate data only)! Real-time reporting means that you, the administrator, can see levels of participation on a Challenge by Challenge basis, and determine which components are working in your organization. The system also enables you to see who are the top performers so that you can award prizes, if you so choose.

Visually appealing, engaging, and designed to help participants develop healthy habits for a lifetime, our Personal Best workplace wellness Challenges are only one part of the new EmployeeWellness.ca online toolkit. Help your employees make healthy habits top of mind! Contact us for more information on how we can help your organization meet its wellness goals, and for a username and password to the EmployeeWellness.ca Challenge Management Tool.

Wellergize Workplace Wellness Personal Best Challenge Topics

Hard copy versions our online Workplace Wellness Challenges

For the electronic versions: there are always FOUR Personal Best Challenges available at any time: the Physical Activity Challenge, the 5-a-Day Challenge, the Work-Life Balance Challenge, and the monthly featured wellness Challenge. This way, if the monthly feature is not relevant to the employee, they can use one of the main two. The hard-copy (dry-erase) versions are available year-round.

Physical Activity Challenge
This basic Challenge is available year-round and tracks on the amount of time participants spend exercising.

5-a-Day Challenge
This basic Challenge is available year-round and lets participants track the number of servings of fruit and vegetables they eat each day

Weight loss Challenge
January - timed to match the season of New Year's resolutions, the Weight loss Challenge is designed to help participants track behaviour changes in order to develop healthier habits.

Financial Fitness Challenge
February - with RRSPs on the mind, February is the perfect time to develop new financial habits that will help participants become more aware of where they are spending their dollars, and how they can save for the future.
Compassion Challenge
March - the Compassion Challenge is about community, with volunteering, charity work, and donating as its core focus.

Green Living Challenge
April - just in time for Earth Day! The Green Living Challenge asks participants to do a little each day - it adds up to a lot!

Leadership Challenge
May - encouraging participants to consciously work on the skills and traits that are desired in the workplace and in the world at large.

Creativity Challenge
June - this Challenge is all about putting aside a few minutes each day to tap into participants' latent creativity, for boosting their overall sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Laughter Challenge
July - laughter has been found to have amazing properties both for physical and mental health. Laughter raises endorphin levels, releases stress, boosts creativity, relaxes muscles, and helps people relate to each other. This Challenge helps make laughter a priority.

Stress-Buster Challenge
August - summer is the perfect time to get outside and relax. The Stress-Buster Challenge helps participants develop healthy habits to last a lifetime.

Learning Challenge
September - ahhhh, autumn. No matter how old we are, September just says "learn something". The Learning Challenge prompts participants to pick up a book, go online, take a course, or work with friends to learn something new - whether it be for a do-it-yourself project, for work, or something they have always wanted to learn just for themselves.

Safety Challenge
October - this Challenge focuses the mind on safety and security from avoiding injuries on the job to identity theft. Participants track points for each task they do to make their environment more secure.

Immunity Booster Challenge
November - just in time for flu season, the Immunity Booster Challenge helps participants take actions to help raise their resistance to seasonal bugs.

Support System Builder Challenge
December - employees who can identify at least one person in their workplace they consider to be a friend are seven times as likely to be engaged and committed at work. That's the benefit for you. For the employee, companionship (in the workplace and outside) is key to increasing overall resiliency, and satisfaction. The Support System Challenge is about making friends and family a priority in participants' daily lives.

Interested in a preview or the "old school" version of the Challenges? (You can still get the scorecards in pad or dry-erase formats.) Contact us!

Call us for more information: In Toronto and Area call 647.470.9087.
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